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Rubber Membrane Roof Maintenance Made Easy

By : Guillermo Molina Matus

If you are the owner of a commercial building, then your roof is one of the most important investments you have made. Your roof protects your building and everything inside it, making it one of the most critical components. There are different types of roofing materials available in the market, but rubber membrane roofs are becoming increasingly popular for commercial establishments. Rubber membrane roofs come in different variations, including TPO, EPDM, and PVC, and provide excellent protection from leaks and other weather-related issues. However, to make sure your rubber membrane roof performs as it should, regular maintenance is necessary.

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1. Have Regular Inspections

The first step towards maintaining your rubber membrane roof is having regular inspections. Regular inspections can help you identify any issues that might need fixing and prevent minor problems from becoming more significant. Hire a roofing contractor, like G and Bros Roofing, or a professional technician experienced in rubber membrane roofing material to inspect your roof and identify any issues that need attention. During the inspection, the contractor will look for cracks, tears, or other defects that could compromise your roof’s integrity.

2. Keep Your Roof Clean

Keeping your rubber membrane clean is essential for maintaining its functionality. Dirt, debris, and other material can accumulate on your roof, and if not cleaned regularly, can create excess weight and damage the roof’s material. Regular cleaning can help remove dirt, dust, and debris and prevent future damage to the roof. For cleaning, use a gentle cleaner mixed with water and a soft brush to avoid damage to the roof’s surface.

3. Fix Leaks Promptly

Rubber membrane roofs are known for being waterproof, but leaks can still occur. If you notice any signs of leaks, such as water spots on walls or ceilings, call a professional roofing contractor immediately. Fixing leaks promptly can prevent costly repairs in the future and maintain your roof’s integrity. During regular inspections, keep an eye out for any signs of leaks to prevent them from causing more significant issues.

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4. Proper Drainage is Key

Rubber membrane roofs can withstand a lot of water damage, but proper drainage is essential for maintaining your roof’s longevity. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear, allowing water to flow freely off the roof. If the water doesn’t drain correctly, it can accumulate, leading to excess weight and leaking.

5. Hire a Professional Roofing Contractor

Lastly, always hire a professional roofing contractor to handle any rubber membrane roof repairs or maintenance. Contractors experienced in rubber membrane roofs have the necessary expertise and knowledge to handle any repair and maintenance work you might need. Additionally, they can help provide tips and guidance on how to maintain your rubber membrane roof effectively.

Maintaining your rubber membrane roof doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require regular inspections, proper cleaning, fixing leaks, proper drainage, and hiring a professional roofing contractor. By following these steps, you can ensure that your rubber membrane roof remains functional, providing protection and longevity for your commercial building. Don’t neglect your rubber membrane roof, as it is a vital investment that deserves optimal care and attention. G and Bros Roofing is located in Salisbury MD and are experienced with TPO, EPDM, and PVC. You can give us a call at (410) 677-4975 or email us at office@gandbrosroofing.com.

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